Wisdom Wednesday 2023

Jan. 18th – Sam Collins

“Grassroots Journalism as a Vehicle for Pan-African Self-Determination”

Feb. 15th – Dr. Koko Rasayon

“AI The Cyber-Theft of Cultural Identity & Human Value”

Mar. 15th – Dr. Kweli Pourzal Zukeri

“What happens when youth engage with their Africana heritage? Assessing the insight gained from the study of an
African-centered high school program led by Tony Browder

Apr. 19th – Dr. Jeff Menzise

“The Isis Papers: The Works of Dr. Frances Cress Welsing”

May 17th – Dr. Mwangaza Michael-Bandele

“Keys to Creating Black Self-Love: Unlocking and Activating Your Blacknificent Life!”

Jun 21st – Dr. Ometha Lewis-Jack

“Taking a Cultural Lens at Mental Health: What Is & What’s Not”

July 26th – Melissa Duchene-Kelly, PhD and Abila Tazanu, M.D.

Melissa Duchene-Kelly, PhD “Unsung Heroes: The Voices of Mothers Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Abila Tazanu, M.D. “A Candid look at Autism and Families of Color from a Mother and Pediatrician’s Perspective”
Aug. 16th – TBA

Sep. 20th – Tony Browder

“The ASA Restoration Project”

Oct. 18th – Friends of the Congo

“Break the Silence Week”

Nov. 15th – Nana Kwabena Shepsu

“Ancestral Healing (Asaman Ayaresa) Traditional African Spirituality and the Liberation of the Black Family and Nation”

Dec. 20th – Okomfo Ama Nyamekye

“Health & Healing”